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The 10,000 club

In blah, life on March 11, 2008 at 6:39 am

It has been a remarkable study in concentration and hardwork in hostile conditions. Continuing from the overnight score, the landmark was reached early in the day with a quick dash past a green light and it was done. Quick raising of the beam, two short blasts of the horn and my ride joined the 10,000 kms club.

Excerpts from an interview later in the day:

About the achievement itself…“Its a good feeling, especially since it came on an important trip (while going to work). A few gridlocks and the broken mirror from a disagreement with a pepsi truck made me wonder about whether it was worth it but I hung in there and I’m glad. I’m thankful for the support I got, especially from the service center”

What about pressure?…“The challenge was to concentrate amidst the honking and the annoying beeping of 2-wheelers cutting across making assumptions about my brakes. But I was able to focus and I’m really happy with the result.”

Significance of the milestone?…“I never rode for records, they happen when they happen. The important thing is to keep contributing with as much distance as you can”

Any thoughts on future milestones?…“I’ll just keep doing what I have so far and hopefully I can resist the urge to rear-end put-putting autos that decide to use the fast lane doing all of 30kph on the highway.”

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