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gamesmanship and happy returns

In blah, life, rant, sports on August 3, 2007 at 1:41 pm

“I drive a porsche…what car do you drive?” <drumrolls…thunderclaps…sharp intakes of breath even!> How could he?! The horror of it all!!! ummm….what? Apparently this l’il line picked up by the stump microphone during he 2nd test at trent bridge is the subject of much teeth gnashing. The reason? It was said in a clipped brit accent to one of India’s batsmen. As per Simon Barnes from The Times, this indicated the nadir of sportsmanship on the cricket field. He reckons “the combination of vulgarity and insensitivity is mind numbing”  because “is it a suitable remark to make to a man from a Third World nation who is a guest in your country?” He even goes on to call that hallmark of german engineering a “penis substitute”! 

In the process of getting his knickers in a twist, he seems to’ve forgotten that put together the match fees, board contract and the endorsement deals, the batsman in question would be making roughly about 5-10 times his english counterpart. More importantly, this insult would rank so low in the context of the typical sporting encounter, I think its entirely probable that the bloke was actually considering buying a Tata Indica and hence was comparing notes on mileage and maintenance. I guess when you make your living as a writer, you have to keep you ‘molehill locator’ on high alert all the time.

Broadcasters have taken to recording snippets of players introducing themselves rather than showing a graphic on screen. So, you have “Ian Bell…age 25…right hand bat” The 1st and 3rd bits of information, I have no problem with…I mean…wouldn’t look good to announce someone else’s name or to mislead ppl into thinking you’re a left-arm chinaman bowler when you’re not. Its that middle bit…I’d spent most of my cricket-watching ‘career’ seeing young ‘uns my age play the sport…not any more seemingly…l’il squirts…all born y’day…or the day before…who the hell allowed them onto the ground…oh ok..i’ll a year older…grrr…

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  1. Happy birthday sexy 🙂

  2. aah..someone’s identified me correctly…oh…and thanks!

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