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Free Wireless Broadband Internet!

In news, Strategy on April 1, 2007 at 4:16 pm

The next disruptive redefinition of the internet age has happened. And who might it be but good ol’ Google. Having recognised that with the revenue-generation capability of their flagship Youtube and the increasing proliferation of dynamic bandwidth-heavy content, its time that accessing the world-wide web had to become as common as turning on the water-taps. Also with different ISPs getting cute by denying access to users who used up a lot of bandwidth, its about time that they be ‘disintermediated’ (love that word).

And when Google does things, they go all the way, offering fiber-optic cables to setup your own routers at home to then have wi-fi access all over the house. This means speeds over 10x the regular DSL connection. With a simple-to-use start-up kit for every average-joe to be their own ISP. Gonna send tremors through the cyber-world. Manna from heaven for internet users, especially with the two package options to pick in addition to the free package.




Red letter day this, April 1st 2007

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  1. It was an April Fool Joke, dude!!

  2. really anon? you don’t say! 🙂

  3. dude…how cud u..!! i mean..for god sake….read the date again..!!! but trust me…google will be really happy to hv pulled this off. frm the brand that they hv…they cud go abt shouting tht they hv pamela anderson endorsing Gtalk…and has gone for a B-reduction to qualify for the same..!! and people wud still believe..! 🙂

  4. sigh…if only ppl wud read the ‘entire’ post…including the last line…or maybe am too subtle for my own good…

  5. Hi anoop,I want to get into consulting,can u provide me ur mail address.Mine is hari_nagarajan@yahoo.comREgards,hari

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