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Free Wireless Broadband Internet!

In news, Strategy on April 1, 2007 at 4:16 pm

The next disruptive redefinition of the internet age has happened. And who might it be but good ol’ Google. Having recognised that with the revenue-generation capability of their flagship Youtube and the increasing proliferation of dynamic bandwidth-heavy content, its time that accessing the world-wide web had to become as common as turning on the water-taps. Also with different ISPs getting cute by denying access to users who used up a lot of bandwidth, its about time that they be ‘disintermediated’ (love that word).

And when Google does things, they go all the way, offering fiber-optic cables to setup your own routers at home to then have wi-fi access all over the house. This means speeds over 10x the regular DSL connection. With a simple-to-use start-up kit for every average-joe to be their own ISP. Gonna send tremors through the cyber-world. Manna from heaven for internet users, especially with the two package options to pick in addition to the free package.




Red letter day this, April 1st 2007

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