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Coffee Day & Night

In blah on March 11, 2007 at 5:14 pm

My first weekend in several that wasn’t sandwiched between flights into and out of two of the worst cities on the road-traffic map and I still ended up sitting for over 10 hours in seats with limited legroom and that recline just enough to crack the knee-caps of the person sitting behind. I even straightened my seat when I saw our destination approach!

Travelled to a town called chickmagalore, in karnataka where two good friends decided to inflict their wedding on us. Ok, am kidding (lest they ever chance to come upon this post), its the most charming little place with its coffee plantations and restaurants that serve unedible food. Cafe Coffee Day, the next victim in line for Starbucks grows its stuff here as was evidenced by the outlet serving its wares in a town where not one individual would pay as much for an entire meal as CCD charges for its coffees.They’ll love me for my gift though, called “Its (mainly) his fault” a guide to marital bliss that ensures less nagging and more sex. Am quite proud of that one.

Anyone who’s taken a long trip on this country’s highways, knows how its really a game of russian roulette to go whizzing along lanes that have been strategically built to be wide enough to accomodate 1.85 buses side-by-side. Actually its more like a stand-off in the old west where the quicker hand to the dipper gets to thunder on while the vanquished must sidle to the side and…gasp…brake! Of course, not having qualified referees or for that matter even unqualified ones means that often there is genuine confusion on who ‘high-beamed’ first. I cannot for a moment imagine that the drivers of these mammoth vehicles have anything but fairness in their hearts, so it must be the actual belief that it was he who won the duel. Needless to say, this means several last fraction maneuvers that would leave Bond in his Aston-Martins to shame. Its a pity paint manufacturers have refined their processes enough to not make their products any thicker, else they’d be getting a repeat purchase every time a trip was completed.

All said, a fun weekend, and to know I do not wake up at 4am tomorrow…almost makes me look forward to the beginning of the week…i said almost.


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