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In blah on February 26, 2007 at 4:43 pm

We get hijacked every weekend. Its the same story…every time…it usually happens as we’re washing down the remains of a wholesome breakfast…well ok…brunch. Begins sedately enough…with a phone call. Then just as we get into the car, it happens…he comes out of nowhere, mumbling in a strange dialect…into the earpiece dangling from his ear. Not a pause in his ongoing conversation, as he makes his demands with a quickly barked order directing us along one of the several roundabouts in the area. We travel in silence for a few minutes, barring his hushed tones, as we approach one of his several hideouts. He signals us to stop the car. His accomplice joins him and we’re quickly bundled into steel cages not unlike metal coffins but a lot like elevators. A quick rundown of the layout follows, summary of the view thats a combination of the hills and roads swathed in an industrial haze. This routine repeats itself for about 4 – 5 hours during which time the octogenarian population of the locality would start to wonder if they were seeing the same black swift over and over again and they would be right. Looking for apartments in the city…what a pain!

To top that, this weekend saw a city-wide power outage just as we had escaped with our lives, dusty and tired…hoping to find refuge in the climate-controlled confines if one of the myriad halls showing ’em moving pictures. With all operations at a stand-still, our search led us deeper into the suburbs…only to find darkened hulks of concrete structures watching over ribbons of light streaming from hundreds of headlights. Our perseverance paid off as our last hope blazed in the distance. Sure, all available self-generated power was being redirected from the air-conditioning to the lights but it was better than nothing. A leisurely supper spent considering our options apart from one of the few buildings with power in the city when the escalators resume their humming and we settle into watching that piece of cinematic brilliance ‘The Ghost-Rider’. Sean Penn had mentioned it when Con-Air was released, but Nicolas Cage’s descent into truly main-stream pulp is well and truly certified by this one. The surest sign though that the evening was looking up came just then…and how! Coz, after all…The greatest battle lies within”Spiderman 3…4th May ’07

  1. Wish you good luck with your house hunt .. and while you are at it , could you look up a 1 BHK , fully furnished , close to town .. Preferable in a society with a swimming pool and Gym .. Money is no constraint … I dont mind shelling out even 10K per month …

  2. Monsieur Ho-noof… In Mumbai?

  3. woah ford! what’s with mentioning obscene amounts of money on my blog? i dont need tax-sleuths sniffing around…i suggest u setup up a tete-a-tete with someone at the oberoivishal…how’d you land here dude? long time no see…am based in bbay but currently spending weekdays in blore…where r u?

  4. Don’t even ask how I landed here… But you know what the Big One is capable of… don’t you? .. I am in Mumbai (don’t think I stepped out of the city for more than a few hours since 1980).. Lemme know when you’re back… Big daddy (literally!) wanna party.. 9820184420..

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