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In blah, life, work on January 23, 2007 at 9:01 am

Engine taken apart…overhauled..put back together..finely tuned (ok..tuned)…brake lights and other electronics tested…the muffled thud on the side of the tank indicates its brimming…seat set just right…squeal of tires as you keep the clutch depressed longer than it has to be…and you’re off on that long drive that you just know is gonna be the most exciting of your life. The almost mirror-like finish of the tarmac contrasting the stark white lane markings as they hurry past you on either side.

You shift up into 3rd as you round that first shallow bend…and woah..glowing brake lights all over the place…you downshift..waiting for the temporary impediment to be moved…as you stutter along with the traffic…this is taking longer than you thought…The early winter months and those of fall are kinda like that. You peer into the distance trying to identify landmarks well in advance so that you don’t depend on seeing the bright green and white signs. Just because sharp turns of the wheel are only taken as advise and not commands by the hulk of metal glass and rubber you’re in, considering the wind-swept fall of almost liquid-but-not-quite slurries are forming a rather non-adhesive coating of slush on the ground. You try and maintain course and treat the gas pedal like this chick you’re initiating epidermal contact with and hence do not know how she’ll react rather than the bedspring shattering acts you’d do on a near-empty stretch of asphalt on a bone-dry summer morning.

Just not good enough. A break in the brush on your side of the tarmac..a path leading off in a direction and disappearing into the brush…dusty..rocky…no idea where its going. You look around at the adjoining lanes and fellow commuters…as they try hard to stay awake as the cavalcade lumbers on..that does it…you wrench the wheel…gun it…go bouncing down onto the dust-track..good thing you finished with that coffee a while ago else it’d be all over the upholstery by now…you wonder if the tyres are up for it…you wonder if you’re up for it…other dusty roads leading off this one…no maps here…you grip the wheel tighter and turn up the volume a couple of notches…you grin…

Quite the ridiculous way of summarizing my 7 professional months post-B School but then thats exactly why free-speech is such a wonderful thing. One would think getting into a different line of work with 6-day work weeks and bucket-loads of travel would be a handful and one wouldn’t be wrong. However, those haven’t precluded initiating merger-discussions (or is it a takeover) with a company (more accurately its marketing arm) known more for its refineries than Code-Division Multiple Access coverage. Add to that, getting approval from the top managements of both firms, going on promotional tours to gain buy-in from senior managers , engineering bilateral talks and drawing up the implementation plan for the merger have been on the ‘to-do’ list and are now on the ‘phew-done’ list. Lots more remain.

You brace as you gun it to launch yourself over a fallen tree-trunk…its all happening…you grin broader…

p.s: all references to M&A activity (however inaccurate in its terminology) are in no way related to anything in the corporate world…just a clarification

  1. the ‘phew-done’ list is mostly blank baby…no where near phew time yet..but we’ll get there…and hopefully it’ll all be worth it..

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