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In blah, life, work on December 7, 2006 at 12:09 pm

“You will inherit a large sum of money”…says orkut, raised my arms in joy only to become aware of how its not a good idea to burden the skinnies with unreasonable amounts of load to lift after long periods of time. Am currently celebrating the first-ever client meeting i’ve had on this engagement that wrapped up in less than 2 hours. Suddenly I don’t know what to do with myself. Some suitable pics and alone time would’ve been a good idea but the glass-walled cabin kinda precludes that. or then again maybe I can just tell any curious onlookers that this is how we consultants think. then again maybe not. so settled for typing out a post in the middle of the day.
Had a ‘kool kafe’ to substitute for lunch. you haven’t heard of it you say? those ads about “dil bole jo bole…” where people hold their thumb and forefinger about 2 inches apart and grin. dunno how the censors missed that. i mean come’on…there’s this wedding scene where the soon-to-be deflowered bride turns away from her husband and does that same gesture. as the poor guy tries to deal with his embarassment, an aunty-type leans in close and does the same gesture with a sly grin. talk about hitting a guy where it’d hurt most.
Checked the tour match score and sure enough, a formerly obscure fast bowler has now taken 4 indian wickets (sehwag, sachin, laxman, dhoni). forget sports pshycologists, you need to boost a quick bowler’s morale – feed him our team! the likes of Franklin Rose, Dion Nash, Simon Doull, Lance Klusener to name a few would attest to how thoroughly ordinary bowlers are given marshall-esque reputations by our stars. but australia raises the bar on impossible test match come-backs and so all’s well with the cricket. damn! those guys can sure play sport!
and now…back to the next deliverable…
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