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In blah, life on December 6, 2006 at 4:51 pm

Since I started blogging about 19 months ago, I’ve rarely been very discerning about the kind of stuff that’s gone onto the htmls. Landmark events however have definitely been on and today’s been one such.
My first moves were tentative…like the initial steps onto a rickety rope bridge that spans a ravine and you know you ain’t no Indiana Jones. Not quite sure if those that have been so neglected, so completely ignored over the last couple of months would respond. I hoped nevertheless, not daring to hope, expecting to be rebuffed. Starting slow…unsure…looking for a sign, even contempt would be a relief, just not that dreaded soul-drenching effect that only comes from being subjected to nothing…indifference.
But that dread was misplaced…the initial leaden resistance…the unnaturally quickened breaths…even the light-headedness coming from the oh-so-apparent reluctance to acknowledge me. But then finally relenting, each fibre pulling its weight, flexing, not as expansively as i’d want them, but one doesn’t show the complete disregard that i have and expect flawless form. Yes! I went back to the gym!
  1. Indiana Jones went to no gym .. and neither do you need to … Its self inflicted pain … Reminds me of Opus Dei … I might be wrong , but I dont think you have sinned enough to torture yourself yet … Drink lots of beer … Youll feel stronger and bolder than Mr Jones…

  2. Can you check if your RSS feeds are enabled correctly?If not, can you enable them.

  3. ford: what does one do when certain expats threaten to dump u if one stops ‘torturing’ oneself?ramki: i believe the feeds are enabled…bloglines shows me the update albeit with a 12-14 hr delay

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