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In blah on October 23, 2006 at 3:38 pm

“How tedious is a guilty conscience” – John Webster

I’d decided that it would go with me to the grave. Then I realized I’d be going to a pyre anyway so what the heck. It’s something that I did that I’m not very proud of. I mean its only human to err right? Do i deserve to be looked down upon for the rest of my days? My attorney says even temporary insanity sounds too tame to explain what I did.

I saw Don…*cringe*…twice…*cringe+cringe*. Wait! lemme explain! 9.05pm on diwali night when G calls and says he’s waiting downstairs for me. Suitably dressed for such emergencies in my faded t and jeans, i was bundled into the vehicle unceremoniously and told the damning news only when we were there. 3 hours of listening to lines like “Don ka intezaar gyarah mulkon ki pullice kar rahi hai” and wondering how a flight that was to cover 5 miles from take-off to landing was 11,000 feet in the air.

The second time was because I’d already taken a blood oath to watch the above mentioned movie with the family the day after. Led back to the scene of the crime, I further wondered why the likes of Kareena would ‘don’ form-fitting glitter-gowns a-la Helen to only make you wonder if a pregnant woman should be convulsing like that. The car-chase was quite slick though…except the bit where a car in reverse outpaced another barrelling toward it in 5th gear.

So I’m gonna be layin’ low for a while. Changing my phone number and everything. Have also toyed with the idea of going under the knife for some plastic surgery (ok, not for that nose job or facelift that you’re thinkin’ I need smartass). Everyone makes mistakes…come one!
  1. arre…itni bhi buri nahi thi yaar. I quite enjoyed it..especially how they left it so obviously open for a sequel..

  2. everytime I plan to watch a movie , someone writes a review on it and now I havent seen a HIndi Movie since RDB …(Except Shiva , but that doesnt count) …

  3. dude..don’t go by the review…”Don ke critic ki sabse badi galti ye hai ki woh Don ka critic hai”…(not my own..actual line from their ad in TOI today)

  4. šŸ™‚ Oh don’t worry…. I am as much a criminal as you are….

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