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should the best man always win?

In life on October 21, 2006 at 7:05 pm

Page 732…am worried…thinking, especially the contemplative kind gives me a headache. Without making any pretensions that the Ayn Rand masterclass made me do that painful activity, its got me worried…
The moral code: A code that told them to act on the premise of one another’s weakness, deceit and stupidity, and this was the pattern of their lives this struggle through a fog of the pretended and unacknowledged, this belief that facts are not solid or final, this state where, denying any form to reality, men stumble through life, unreal and unformed, and die never having born.

…noone’s happiness but my own is in my power to achieve or to destroy…

Boil it down to get the essence, vaporize it to get the quintessence… (Rajeshwar Upadhyay’s words not mine)…and what do you have…the basic tenet of existence is for every individual to work in their best interests (personal, professional, all included) and that all else falls into place.
Completely on board with it all the while that I’ve been leafing through the greatest (and possibly longest) rant against communism/socialism/every -ism except for that spawned by the land populated by people going by the unlikely title of pilgrims – capitalism.

She crashes into the surreal world created by the champions of industry, as their last stand against mediocrity. Understandable that she be dazzled by the personalities she had admired all her career, nay, her life. But did that have to be cheapened by the sudden rousing of base instincts for the man who started it all? By themselves, those instincts needn’t be base at all, quite the opposite actually. What of the bracelet of an unknown alloy that she chose to cherish on her wrist? What of the all-consuming emotions that till just a few weeks before then that arose out of unflinching appreciation for a mind like her own? Was a more refined version of the entity that she cherished all it took to obliterate a man in the only way that is true extinction?

If any of that made sense…you need help!
  1. what have you been smoking?

  2. nothing that i can post on the world-wide web

  3. dude..u should be here..

  4. thats almost too specific!

  5. i could get specific..want me to?

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