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man overboard!

In life, work on October 14, 2006 at 1:33 pm

Its just one of those days. Nothing untoward about it. The usual grind, except that some days the word gets a l’il too literal. Fragmented thoughts. Thinking about the work deliverable while trying to concentrate on the training assignment on hand. Tying up the loose ends on the current assignment. Also the new assignment starting up and the related trip. Not forming a complete thought at any stage, whizzing between all the sundries, without a momentary pause. The mind, wearing down as each blurred thought ends in a cul-de-sac, then restarts, wheels spinning, a tortured engine being made to roar and then brought to a crunching halt, asked to reverse direction. making rasping protests about the pointlessness of the demands being made. In the backdrop of all the tumult…the wisp of the thought that its all momentary…that what really matters is there…reassuringly so…and you know how central this person is… to your functioning…your sanity…your life…
  1. you don’t mean calvin do you….

  2. nope…i mean spaceman spiff

  3. :)u’re cute…twit!

  4. that i am…dont wonder which one…

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