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In life on September 18, 2006 at 2:06 pm

One man somewhere quoted something, and in another part of the world, a woman was shot dead. No telling how many more will be by the time the whole ‘the pope dissed islam’ fiasco blows over. Now, this is the kind of thing, my brain cells would steer waaaay clear of…by that I mean anything to do with the R word. Now, I’m way underqualified in terms of ability to comment but wasn’t the whole point of religion to help us humans deal with the insecurities and other associated crap that comes from being..well…human?! I reckon that its caused more problems than it ever addressed. And for those who’re puffing out your righteous cheeks to say how its the infinitesimally minor delinquent element that ruins it for the rest of us, you haven’t seen mobs of seemingly ‘normal’ people pelt rocks at an apartment building with a name that could’ve been mentioned in certain holy books. Nor have you seen the landscape dotted with bonfires, except that those are homes that have been set fire to by their neighbours. And when you see a girl barely in her teens running as fast as she can with her l’il bro in tow, with blood streaming from her nose, the sheer terror in her face only too apparent, you just wonder if being pagan barbarians might actually be an improvement.
  1. its hard to imaging anyone I know witnessing something like this.its horrifying that anyone has to..

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