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In life, work on September 8, 2006 at 10:25 pm

Bright sunshine. Fresh-cut grass. Not the noon kinda bright where you sense that trickle of sweat run down your armpit into the waistband of your trousers. This is more the early evening sunlight that’s not quite as hot. Then there’s the expanse of green, not lush or gently billowing in the breeze…but more the index length tufty kind thats spread evenly across a clear tract of land, preferably oval in shape. And the rhythmic thuds…spaced evenly…going from soft thuds to distinctly crunchy as the spikes find gravel ending in a muffled grunt. This followed by a solid wooden sound, not dull, more like a bullet leaving the muzzle of a long bore rifle. One of the simple pleasures of life…missing that quite desperately in this city that seems to only look for excuses to f*** up its already clogged roads with ridiculous processions that are an assault on the senses and yes…sensibility.

Had a full week with the new engagement starting up (meant less in a matrimonial context than in an armed combat sense). This is the one that’s been on the anvil for almost a month now, but it happened when I was being asked to *gasp* model in the financial sense for my first project. This one’s more process-related and hence involves lots of talking to people and also listening. Whole bunch of interviews, some gyaan-giving to the newbie, some ‘   excel’ing to manage project plans and the week’s whizzed by.

Caught up with one of the brethren from G6, impromptu plan…couple of drinks at the Sports Bar, burgers at McD and scoops of chocolate, the malted fudge and bavarian kind…ideal combination I think. Updates on whats been happening since last we met and how things have been since the days we overtipped the B&C staff after having exhausted their tequila supplies. Wonder when all the members will be available at the same time for a good ol’ binge and completely nonsensical bantering.

Right-arm swing with some seam, Right-hand top/middle-order bat, Hair Bands, Booze with buddies…that’s what i’m talking about…

  1. too much of a feminine touch in your life lately? 🙂

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