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the three kinds

In blah on August 20, 2006 at 5:10 am

Having been an inhabitant of the blogosphere for over a year now, I reckon I’ve been around. The idea of maintaining a ‘private’ diary that the whole world had access to had me non-plussed at first. But then I realised that what I had to say about stuff, however inane, was not very different from what I didn’t mind being read by the 3-4 people that would eventually visit my blog. Ramblings aside, there are some distinct types of blogs or rather bloggers you come across. My B-school education spurs me to give these categories names like “Blue-blooded Factualists”, “Keyboard diarrhea verbosers” and so on but I’ll show restraint.

So there are three kinds i reckon, the ones who started the whole thing called blogging by penning down their opinions and giving other information quite religiously. The information on such blogs is well-researched, more importantly, well presented and very often updated. They usually tell it like it is with scant obfuscation with personal (often vitriolic) opinions. Dependable, thats the word.

Second are those that essentially have no rhyme or reason for their existence. They often get laughably predictable in their effort to be politically incorrect. The odd post might strike a chord here and there but don’t count on it. The blog is just an extension of the hare-brained thought processes of slightly twisted minds.

And finally, those that are essentially like marketing tools. Except they’re selling themselves, to who?..well f*** knows! Reams and reams of print about some profound insight into humanity and relationships while all they’re trying to say is how they epitomise all that’s good on this planet. How they opened their hearts and emptied their bank accounts for a noble cause..sniff sniff…how quaint…jeez…talk about putting in your application for sainthood by proxy.

But then, if you’ve nothing better to do than try to tap into the thought processes of people you hardly know…nothing like it 🙂

p.s: such pseudo-intellectual gibberish can only qualify this one for that 2nd type i guess 🙂

  1. You dunno ANNNyyythinnn!!!!

  2. anon: no argument there

  3. baby come back…

  4. bah. but what would i know..i guess..

  5. are u moving in with a hot chick?

  6. elaine..its amazing how u know exactly whats goin on…

  7. elaine…you’re confusing fords friends! the S in the latest post is a certain SS also ex flatmate of a certain mr.chunky!! silly woman 🙂

  8. eff off

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