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In life on August 6, 2006 at 7:03 am

First week of the month whistled by before I could even puff out my cheeks to throw a tantrum about not getting my coveted b’day gift…Ok, so maybe…just maybe, it isn’t the most practical of demands to want a german-engineered high performance luxury coupe..K, S, S and V…u guys have been marked…u know why…Got back from my stint of primary research in the two southern metros…meeting umpteen organizations and some fairly senior folk in them…in some cases…THE senior person. Some insightful…some ho-hum. Got back to pressing deadlines…vada-pavs and strategy meetings…and a positively scrumptious chocolate cake delivered to office by a fittingly named “Just Temptations”. Oh yeah..and also my first full-month’s paycheck! after a veeery long time. Not having my bank accounts updated in the office records meant that it was a check in the literal sense and I actually had a time recalling how one goes about depositing money into an account! Halfway through the working weekend and wondering what the hell happened to the plan of scouting for a gym…getting a new phone…getting a haircut…in that order! that the ‘being a prima donna’ is done with…i should get back to accomplishing things…like taking a shower for instance…A pause in the headlong rush…

  1. growing up is gonna be fun…i promise….

  2. anon: ok you’re just talkin’ crazy now…

  3. no no…really…it’ll be fun. I promise…i’ll make sure its fun for you ;P

  4. am likin’ the sound of that..wink…

  5. are you now?don’t you want to know how?

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