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keep your hands where i can see them

In blah on July 22, 2006 at 5:00 pm

An airport lounge: You’re waiting for your boarding call. In the meantime, you find a seat and read your copy of The Financial Times…ok ok…comics section HT. And you sense more than see it. They’re looking over your shoulder, reading what you are. You turn the page thinking they’ll get the hint. After all they are available on the rack just ten feet away…and free too. But they keep looking…keep reading…

A phone-booth: You’re in it, the door doesn’t close completely, but that’s ok.You’re not discussing state secrets, just going about your business. This other person, looks like they intend to use the next booth, having nothing to do with you. But then, they pause outside the booth, pretending to be looking intently into that shop-window across the street, while their ears strain to catch your conversation. You find that every time you step into a phone booth, they are there. The shop windows across the street can’t all be that interesting.

A hotel room: No, not a porn scene. Just your temporary station in some random city. You leave every day to go about your business, thankful for the small mercies called room service. Every evening you return, and you notice that you’re stuff’s not quite the same way it was when you left. You check, nothing’s missing. Next day, same thing, everything’s been disturbed, rifled through. So, its not your pseudo-expensive gadget collection they’re after. Then what is it?!

yes…some people are just that annoying…

  1. anyone I know?

  2. nosy encounters!

  3. this was my kinda encouraging pat on back to you.

  4. yup ship..! he is talking abt u…! u coleslaw weapon holding…freak…!

  5. ship: yeah, u do know ’em..kinda :)n: waddaya mean “your kinda post”…u wudn’t have ur own blog under an alias wud u?ankur: more detail abt those indigenous weapons please…

  6. arre kuch likho na…kahan kho gaye ho?

  7. hmmn. i think some hotels will re-arrange and clean in ur absence ot make this easy for you unless u leave the “dont disturb” tag outside ur door. For the rest no comments dude.

  8. the phone booth must be shipri.but she doesn’t rifle thru things. and she does ocassionally read over shoulders and laugh really loudly. she also gets annoyed if you turn pages.or scroll down. if you do that and have a bed nearby, she jumps on your bed till it breaks. and m not making up. ask her.

  9. Lainey!! none of those is me!! its all one person…one person who is not me.and the bed breaking i agree but when have i ever read over ur shoulder???

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