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The Showdown

In blah, Superhero, top 10 on July 8, 2006 at 8:14 pm

Most people who throw threats or insults my way find it to be a frustrating experience because they never stimulate responses. Mainly because I’m too lazy to…However, when people start questioning…nay..mocking fundamental tenets of life on this planet..then someone’s gotta take a stand! So, in continuation with my previous post…and not in continuation with the rantings and ravings of the zealous fanatics (who sometimes do not stop to question what it is that they believe in so fervently)…a rather objective (mostly) comparison of certain key aspects of being a superhero.



Genesis Regular bloke…irradiated spider…changes that didn’t seem like powers at first…Spider-Man! Different species…what powers?! On Krypton he’d be…just another guy!
Costume Form-fitting…black web pattern on red and blue…masked face…covered eyes…an actual costume Red underwear over tights…yes tights..nothing for the face…hmmm…quite a disguise
Love Interest Mary Jane Watson-Parker: Known Peter for years…likes the super alter-ego…has always loved the man himself. Lois Lane: Has worked with Kent for years, treats him with disdain…orgasms for him in tights…the word ‘shallow’ comes to mind? fooled by the different hairdo…bright too apparently
Weakness Loses powers when self-belief wanes…depends on himself to get it back Green rocks from home, can do jack in their presence
  • Powers don’t make you super, character does
  • Sharp objects and bullets…hurt
  • Rural America better find another hero (tall buildings a must for web-slinging)
  • You’re not from around here…automatically makes you special
  • Flight, X-ray vision, Immense power…must be a stretch beating up on others
  • Wear underwear outside to prevent accidental wedgies

For the initiated…here’s a list of some actual superheroes…With Great Power

Bring it on…

  1. who’re u calling a zealous fanatic!!!

  2. LOL….sidey (err…spidey) hero gets defensive…! look at my gf…look at my look at my maskk……ooooooo…and and…look at my self confidence…or no..forget it..I AM A SUPERHERO…

  3. am impressed warikoo…very impressed with ur structured & logical argument…lol

  4. Both spidey or the super-fella dont hold a candle to the green ogre!Shrek rulez!..:)

  5. and nobody is sexier than wolverine..

  6. cute and cuddly doesn’t a superhero makewolverine’s good…but he just has too many issues

  7. like what? do these issues get in the way of him being sexy?

  8. omg!! check out what I found!of course…i’m gonna have to learn how to use the damn thing but still..yay 🙂

  9. yeh kya din aa gaye.

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