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Part them and feel my finger tips…

In Uncategorized on July 5, 2006 at 7:43 pm

So it was Shrek 2 and Spiderman 2 on Star Movies and HBO respectively and however cute the former might’ve been, with me, the latter wins…hands down. Inspite of the logical argument that one might make that I have watched the second movie atleast half a dozen times and also own the dvd of the same, it still turns out that I watch it…again..commercial breaks and everything! And unless ‘one’ wants to get hit around some, they will not be making more logical arguments. Like I’ve said more than once…”Do not get logical with me….!!” It falls into that category that I don’t seem to mind doing, time and again (ok, so there are certain obvious things we all like to do…over and over and over…you get the picture). The Godfather, Kane and Abel, The Fourth Protocol, Dil Chahta Hai, U2, I never seem to grow out of. Ok, so, it probably doesn’t help that I don’t seem to grow up, at all, but then I somehow don’t seem to have the urge to line-up my matchbox cars and have a demolition derby or experiment lighting a match to the open nozzle of room freshner…

Juvenile delinquencies aside, this movie is awesome for several reasons…not least of those…Mary-Jane Watson, damn she’s cute! I mean, how cool is it that there’s this girl who you like…who likes you…and yes, once you’ve brushed the awkwardness aside, you get to say…”oh by the way…check this out” as you ‘accidentally’ bump into a lamp post to leave it askew. Granted that a senile scientist with an ample waistline on metallic stilts isn’t exactly a sight to send shivers up your spine, but then the sequence on the train is a worthy action-scene. The piece de resistance of course is when its all done and Octavius has realized that he’s just not cool enough to deserve a place in the rougues hall of fame and leaps into the river and spidey, mask off, turns around, to that look of realization on Ms Watson’s face. That, and the final scene where she says “Isn’t it about time someone saved your life” and they kiss for the first time (technically second), sirens go off in the background. Spidey looks toward them, hesitates, look back at her and she says with a smile “Go get’em tiger…”

And if none of that does anything for you…you can’t possibly walk away from one of most amazing movie soundtracks in a long time…two of the best…

p.s: was subjected to ‘Superman Returns’ last weekend…the superhero with the baby face and the ridiculous wisp of curled locks on his forehead…seriously…Spidey would kick his butt easy…but having seen this Superman, think he’d only like that…you know what i mean…and if you’re thinking the title of the post is lewd, read the lyrics above…and stop being a perv! πŸ˜‰
  1. you’re a nasty nasty boy pb :)but you are so right about those last few scenes..the look on her face when she says ‘you do love me…even though you said you didn’t’ and about a dozen others…

  2. seriosly, grow-up!!!i think …the sole intent of these stupid fancy things that happen to Kane/ Able/ the Spider chap/ his dumb gf is an attempt to keep the world dis-illusioned!… keep the lesser-mortals away from the REAL…they do nobody .. no good!

  3. anon 1: no disagreement with the first line. and am glad u see abt those last scenes…anon 2: grow up? you obviously haven’t met me πŸ™‚

  4. Don’thaveaclue: How do you not get angry at comments like do u respond with a smiley and a happy little comment like that!!!If i were you…ooh…anyway..Anon 2: I actually feel sorry for you that you don’t see the kind of good these things do…

  5. nothing…and i mean…NOTHING…can ever beat “Superman: Five for fighting”. so there..u loose on the soundtrack..and why dont we have a spidey-super hand wrestle..? and we shall see which (SB) ugly fat ass potato..wins..dont mess arnd with superman…dude…

  6. warikooo!!!superman may win the armwrestling but spidey wins hearts dude…and thats what makes him super!and come on! superman might be a bit gay with the silly curl but he isn’t that ugly πŸ™‚

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