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In Uncategorized on July 3, 2006 at 6:03 pm

Going by the theory of relativity, its like shifting from counting the ripples from a pebble chucked into a still crystal-clear pool to trying to count the number of people in that train on the adjacent track. Only, its moving in the opposite direction to yours…Yup, moved back to Bbay and started on a line of work I had absolutely no intention to get into during placement season..Remains to be seen who whups whose azz in this one..i honestly dunno yet…no soothsaying about how it’ll go…only one way to find out…

By the way…heavy rains…flooded streets…partly drenched…water cold…hence the title…

So, this tag business…

I am thinking about that piece of chicken, or is it sun-dried tomato seed? stuck in my molar…darn it!

I said “Good Morning” when he said “Go ahead, make my day”…and I did!

I want to play league cricket in the land of Oz, well, i’d even settle for good ol’ whatchamacallit’shire in the colonists backyard and not worry about a goddamn thing ever

I wish there was a way to hold on to those fantastic memories without ever living in the past

I miss not having the words ‘hepatitis, jaundice, typhoid’ cross my mind when looking at a road-side ‘thela’ selling kaala khatta gola. Well I also miss the bowl first thing in the morning if I’m not looking…

I hear not a whole lot else, when am actually listening…really

I wonder how many of us don’t say or do what we really want, simply coz we don’t want to appear cliched

I regret not having ordered the sizzling brownie last night

I am He-Man..the most powerful man in the universe! (you know y’all wanted to say that too…the masters of the universe was one cool show!)

I dance like noone’s watching…oh wait..its more like everyone wishes they weren’t

I sing worse than i dance

I cry when my toe meets something unexpectedly hard…and there will be this one other time when…

I am not impressed by/susceptible to emotional blackmail and all other assorted mind-games…

I write to highlight the inane consequence of freedom of speech

I confuse avalanche with alavanche…one of those is a word…i just know it…

I need a frikkin’ toothpick…that bit just won’t go away!

I should at some point take some things seriously…or so I’ve been told…

I finish every fight I don’t start…not really…but I’m watching this action flick on HBO…

I tag

  1. so what happens.. after business school? in india and beyond? doomed to disillusion or striving to succeed… heads or tails?

  2. coin’s still in the air fink…waiting for it to land…and to then turn it to what i want it to say 🙂

  3. Thanks for doing the tag.Well done. 🙂

  4. i l**e you

  5. anon: you can contact me at… 🙂

  6. Great Post..i wonder if you have started taking things seriously :-: Savy

  7. Always admire you ..dunno whyRRW

  8. kya baat hai PB…itne deewane..not bad..

  9. savy: i said i shud…doesn’t mean i have :)RRW: try getting ur head examined..then you’ll know why ;)sb: i know…not bad at all…

  10. I personally think they should all have their heads examined :p

  11. so many admirers. i am beginning to wonder if you are making up nick names and posting comments on your own blog. because, that, my dear, is disturbing. :-)j/k. very profound thoughts on this post. and oh, it’s avalanche, you’re very welcome.

  12. actually beginning to wonder if i’ve been sleep-commenting :)and thanks fer avalanche…

  13. :-)don’t ever sleep-comment. even on your own blog!

  14. well..i don’t have secret identities (except my superhero alter-ego)…so no going incognito in brazilian cities for me…

  15. stop it already!!

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