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In blah on May 28, 2006 at 11:27 am

combination of whirring engines…exploding shrapnel…screaming voices…crunching metal…my first whiff of a net cafe in this city. Just wouldn’t be at my sizzling best while posting from this with the gaming going on on the neighboring machines.
house-search been on for most days of the week so far, will look to finalize one in the next coupla days. then there’s the painful task of furnishing the place, think i just sank lower on the depression scale at the thought of that activity. it really should be mandated by law to have more fully furnished apartments available in any city.
am in what seems to be the popular tween hangout, called e-square…being a sunday, there are no tickets available, hence settled into some aimless surfing, didn’t think i’d miss being the lifeless log i was for over a month.
will do more justice to the first week experience in the city at a later date…hopefully from the comfort of ‘home’…
  1. Have a great stay!Savvy

  2. PB… how goes?met Mr. Bossman? – me

  3. thanks savvy!mr bossman puzzled to see me…tells me “no work”…then rushes to chennai and calls me on way to airport saying he going to look for work for me…

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