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In blah, life on May 15, 2006 at 8:08 pm

Less than a week to go before I get back to being a productive member of society, don’t look at me, that’s how the economics textbook defines people who apply their ‘skills’ that result in some output. Decided its time to do an inventory of sorts to see what I’d ‘learnt’ and what I need to get done (or started depending on complexity). Took care of the shopping for business formals bit weeks ago, so my to-do now comprises of:

  1. Stop sleeping till 10 in the morning and go to bed at earthly hours. The ISB timezone is far south, stop sharing sleeping habits with nocturnal species…now!
  2. Expand my horizons. There are other things to do besides eat, watch the tube, surf and similar such pointless activities.
  3. Find a mirror. Resembling a log while being fed your favorite food incessantly does nothing for how you fill your clothes. Hit the gym!
  4. No, my cell phone did not suddenly become heavier in the Bbay climate. Hit the gym!
  5. There are other forms of resting your form besides slouching or lolling on the couch/sofa/bed. Practise sitting in a chair in a posture that atleast vaguely resembles that of biped vertebrates. Do this in a phased manner so as not to shock the system
  6. Practise paying attention for longer than 45 seconds at a time. The fact that I flipped between four TV channels and 3 websites while writing this post should be enough motivation.

A Nickelback video completely broke the train of thought…will add more as and when I think of ’em…time to restart that engine…that’s for sure…

  1. oye PB…stop making the rest of us ‘useful members of society’ jealous…some of us really miss lolling about…

  2. well…in that case…nyaa na nyaa naa nyaa naa 😀

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