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In life on May 11, 2006 at 9:59 pm

There’s this file on my desktop…electronic of course. Been there for a few months now…ever since some kindred soul put it on the vastness of the lan folder at ISB. Meant a lot to me then, which is not very surprising, considering it was much sought after. Am guessing that thing must’ve replicated itself onto atleast 70% of the machines connected. Came across as I was ‘spring cleaning’ my desktop since the virtual clutter got to the point where I could only see part of Laetitia’s left armpit as my desktop wallpaper. You’d guess this kind of interest would be evinced only by a media file of some sort…more so a video file (naah the darn filter software ensure none of the good stuff survived)…

but this…the sepia tint…the close up of the worn piano keys…camera panning over the guitar staff…the background score starting up with each respective instrument…the dials on the sythesizer (pretending to know whats in a recording studio)…the long-haired dudes taking their position behind the customary ribbed steel microphones…the pause in the music…faisal: ye hai meri kahani…very deliberate…khamosh zindagaaniii…very unhurried…sannaata keh raha haikyon zulm seh raha hai…bilal joins in as backup…ek daastan puraani…still all the time in the world…tanhaai ki zubaani…almost a whisper…har zakhm khil raha hai…kuch mujhse keh raha hai…increase in tempo…chubte kaante yaadon ke…daaman se chunta hoon…

Can think of atleast one other post already dedicated to this song…maybe it was more than a song then…who the hell knows. Right now…2.47am…its only about the brilliant simplicity of those words…bas ye meri kahaani…and they’re just that…brilliantly it just finished playing for the fourth time now….


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