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flashback: manipal

In life on May 4, 2006 at 11:57 am

Plans to spend a day at a resort about 5 hours away were scuppered by non-availability of rooms owing to the long-weekend. Plan B then was to go to the one true campus town in India, Manipal. So, setout P, A, P, L and I For those who’ve not been there, the city is essentially one big campus with several different colleges offering courses in anything under the sun. We reached post-lunch to do some go-carting…bowling etc before heading off for a drive around the town. Even dropped in at the campus temple where L reminisced about his two trips a year. Dawdled over coffee and leafed through pamphlets of Axeland promos…the most blatant sexist advertising I’ve ever come across. Those who’ve seen the ads on tv, there was a map of axeland with locations like ‘Bikini Point’ and ‘Mt. Me’. Also, flying Axeair guarantees “stewardesses who take it off as the plane takes off”…and product catalogues about ‘Stay-wet t-shirts’…lol…hilarious…

Then a couple of hours at the ‘world-famous in Manipal’ Sunset Point followed by some pub-hopping…

  1. these pics perk-up some lovely times spent 4 yrs back!And undoubtedly, very well captured!-Usha

  2. u wanna see well-captured…check out Mr. P’s camera…

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