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deja vu..all over again

In ISB, life on April 26, 2006 at 9:08 pm

It’s official…Ya Ali is the Kajra Re of 2006! Ok, for those who’re wondering if I’ve completely lost it, had been to my first party post-ISB. The open air, the man-sized speakers (and i’m not alluding to individual organs), a DJ who ‘seamlessly’ shifted between trance and the latest hindi hip-busters, a booze counter that was easily the most popular area…and get this…a tiled dance-floor…u know..the kind made up of infinite tiny pieces of bathroom tiles?! weird…but for some of you reading this, the resemblance to any ISB party would’ve jumped off the screen to make itself obvious. Except there was only one ISBian around…ok…maybe a couple from the IIM’s but since when do they count! 😉 Was still fun…some very old friends…some brand new ones…Another distinct difference was I couldn’t keep raiding the booze counter (it was free of course), simply coz I’d then have the unenviable task of explaining to mom why I was weaving to and fro on my way to bed. But, fun nevertheless. No such qualms starting tomorrow for the duration of the weekend…especially on the various roof-top restaurants in the city with the surprisingly beautiful but deserted beaches (well, as of four years ago)…zubhaan allah…blame fm and all those fanaa promos
  1. Hi there,29th April…A year since your first blog entry and this wonderful journey through your year at ISB.Have enjoyed it thoroughly.Got a lot more than just wonderful read.Can never thank you enough.I hope you keep blogging and good luck with everything.

  2. thats very high praise…humbling as well..thanks and wish you the very best too! 🙂

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