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Many Many Happy Returns…

In life on April 24, 2006 at 7:51 pm

Seems just like yesterday that he was sported those misbehaving curls and that voice that hadn’t been scratched up by puberty. Well…it kinda was…and while the curls have been replaced by a much trendier haircut, puberty missed that voice on its way through. Had a glimpse of him as he cut this l’il square handkerchief sized cake with a posse of khaki-clad on either side. Well, if that cake had to be large enough for all his well-wishers, it’d have to be about the size of mount everest i think. Happy Birthday on your 33rd SRT!

Incidentally, met a guy who’d opened the batting with the man in school. He even sported a 3 inch wide stitch under his chin where he’d been struck by, hold your breath, a Tendulkar bouncer! Shook his hand and asked “Is he as special as he seems?” He looked at me, knew I wasn’t talking about his batting, said “Every bit as he seems”. He then shot me a question “You still think he’s good, inspite of everything in the last couple of years?”, staring intently waiting for an answer. The fact that he might be a prospective boss didn’t matter as i answered “He could not score a run for the rest of his career, and, he’ll remain the best ever for me”. Wonder how many times I’ve said that!

On a less significant note, the date of April 24th has always served as a mnemonic for me to remember the other date…25th, so I’d remember that the one synthesized from genetic material irradiated to mutate into pure evil, sent only to make my life a living (sometimes, maybe not even that) hell through my adolescent years, my sibling was born on this date. Happy B’day Sis! Pity you ain’t around so I could’ve gifted you those gucci pumps!

p.s: as is very clear, the language used in this post is not suitable for younger sisters…for those who’ve had the misfortune of knowing us both, trust you to maintain the peace…else…remember i know where you live…so i can thank you of course!

  1. Actually not a good post for older brothers to be reading either.HMPH!You can always parcel those shoes you know..::PHappy birthday to your sister..And cheers to a 33rd!

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