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In life on April 23, 2006 at 1:39 pm

I was out for a jog around the neighbourhood…as usual minding my own business…making good time over the hard tarmac…the evening light diffusing into twilight…when it happened. They appeared out of nowhere…silent as gestures…their faces hooded…their full-length robes making it look like they were gliding over the ground. I saw the one ahead…and felt rather than heard the two coming up behind. Somehow, instead of wondering why these individuals were so overdressed for the balmy weather, my mind immediately searched for a happy thought. Not the easiest thing in the world to do, atleast not always…but I knew I had to…though…to focus on that one happy thought…no matter how impossible it felt…feels…will muster that thought…raise my wand (no pun here)…and announce “Expecto Patronum…”

Ok…this is what happens when you go through five of Rowling’s books in under a month…and while i have no claims of being a fan…the metaphors, if you so choose, are well…kinda apt…to normal ‘muggle’ life. Strange thing this, the human mind, seems to go into free-falls with the most inane thoughts and emotions. No reason whatsoever…Well…but they’re there…entities that suck the happiness and more importantly, hope out of you. that ‘patronus’ better emerge…and fast…its needed…and this is an emergency…


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