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G(6-1) Reunion

In ISB, life on April 20, 2006 at 8:07 pm

The first G6 reunion in B’bay was all of the things every G6 meet in Hyderabad was…good food…even better conversation. Except that it wasn’t quite all of us and hence can’t be called an official reunion, therefore the title. K was missing (latest reports from campus suggest he really wasn’t missing anything ;). S and I met up to pick S at the airport, needless to say the wait for him to emerge was probably longer than the duration of his flight from Pune. He was to spend the night at his friend’s place, and hence we decided on early refreshments at this mexican sounding lounge. Its gonna take me longer to remember all the new places in B’bay. C and V joined us as S shopped for a suitcase big enough to hold the contents of his ‘carry on’ (talk abt understatement!). The usual banter as we looked to convince C that Chennai was more happening than B’bay cud ever hope to be and why he should take the Citi Ops role there. Finally deposited S at his friend’s (for what was s’possed to be a dinner outing) and meeting adjourned with future meeting dates specified…’Solstice’ and the Dubai Shopping Festival…There’s a reason why leaving that campus for good sucked…just had dinner with a large part of it…
  1. hey! that can’t be all that u miss abt campus. i’d like to think so…

  2. darn! wish i was there… oh well… good to hear that somethings never change… I’m also glad that S managed to get permission to meet up, given that it was after hours… but i’m surprised the lot of you met up at a mexican lounge and just stuck to food… thats a violation of a G6 policy… I’ve been off alcohol since the sixth element… How often did C get on the phone, was he still running errands?? :-)~K

  3. K, I certainly did not mention that the meet was only about food…just that we went easy on their stocks this time 🙂 so, you’ll agree, no violation. C was surprisingly there throughout, execpt for 1 call when Soups said “Hi”

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