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In life on April 16, 2006 at 10:14 pm

Saw this darkish wisp in the sky…looked like a curl of smoke…except that this was kinda strange…coz it was way up and also stationary in the sky. Then realised that it was actually a cloud, the cause for the mistaken identity, the fact that it was solitary. Apart from this one which appeared like an errant brush stroke on an otherwise unmarked canvas, the sky was completely clear. A cloud that wouldn’t have received a second glance, had it been part of this bank of clouds moving across the sky in an unhurried fashion.

Ok, so, before i lapse into poetry, the significance was how its an apt metaphor…and surprisingly…for more lives than I’d think. Strange how so many minds seem to be in that state of limbo, wheels still spinning from the constant blur of activity of the past year, life now seems almost comatose in comparison. And its not like there’s nothing happening, there’s catching up to do…with friends and family, places to revisit, memories to refresh. Not to mention gearing up for the next phase; apartments to locate, roles to think about (that reminds me, i better read a couple of the IT related bulkpacks after having pretended to be a Marketing man all year). At the very least, that stint at school seems to’ve given everyone the confidence of being able to get through a gazillion tasks in less than the time it takes to say “multi-task!”

Lunch at a family friend’s newly renovated place. Easter lunch…consisting of spicy Mutton Biryani washed down with excellent wine, quite the combination πŸ™‚ The other guests included relatives from Minnesota, so swapped stories about the twin cities and bitched about Chicago…the good ol’ times…lol. Got asked how I managed to stay single after my time there…oh well..its a rare skill.

Dinner with friends…catching up on the past year of each of our lives..its amazing how much has happened in that blink of the proverbial eye. Also got a taste of things to come. One flew in for the long weekend from B’lore, another from M’lore, to fly back first thing on the morrow. But even in that rather ‘corporate’ of settings, it was back to rounds of info-sharing, leg-pulling and serious advice-mongering, not necessarily in that order. But something tells me this is gonna be one of those constants I’ll bank on for years to come. Nice πŸ™‚
  1. A different start…the poetic touch…wonder if you would still blog once you get working

  2. no poetry for me pls..just said it like it was…:)and i dont see why i’d stop blogging.

  3. i called you…didnt get thru…still sue me? ;)-me

  4. busy signal haan? surprised? πŸ˜‰

  5. sarcastic? ..ok..u win..anyway u’ve got other people to call and receive calls from..-me

  6. true πŸ™‚

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