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G6: The Code

In ISB on April 15, 2006 at 12:03 pm

As we speak, a horde of fresh-faced newbies is registering at the LRC counter and trying to distinguish between the identical looking Student Villages and looking hopelessly at the rather unhelpful towers to find the way to their allotted quads. To think, some smartass would be shamelessly intruding in the 2nd village in the 12th room in H-block. The runt might even be walking around that quad with some sense of ownership by now! In fact, its possible that all four occupants might now be in there thinking G6 HQ actually belongs to them! Only if we’d followed through on my idea to booby-trap the place when we left! Darn it!
Come to think of it, one glaring error on our part was to not have nailed a ‘Code of Conduct’ to the living room wall. Guess it’d go something like…
You have been bestowed with membership to an elite cabal and your conduct should at all times be fitting a member of this group

Acad Centre

  1. One of your primary duties on campus is to make sure the catering outfit (Sarovar in our case) remains profitable always. You will use any and all means necessary to ensure this, be it by spending approximately 4-5 hours in the cafe ordering beverages and food. Quality of food is never to be questioned
  2. You shall be the good samaritan who allows his batchmates to obtain morale-boosting points on the CGPA curve
  3. You shall not spend inordinate amounts of time in your room (this ties in with #2 above). Any time available should be spent in the cafe or other locations as will follow


  1. Turn up at every party, be it an elaborate GSB shindig or a beer ‘n’ chips, BYOB affair. This is non-negotiable
  2. You shall stay till the last song has been played and leave only when the DJ has disconnected the speakers
  3. You shall make every attempt to use up the entire stock of alcohol available at the bar. Your batchmates will help, but take responsibility.
  4. No amount of booze in one party excuses you from being absent or late for the party the next day. In the event of parties on consecutive days, prepare in advance with ample sleep, cutting classes is one way of doing that

Hyderabad City

  1. Hectic schedules aside, you will make weekly trips to various establishments in the city; BnC, Liquids, Waterfront…to name a few
  2. Your responsibility to Hyderabad’s economy is second only to your duties to Sarovar. When not in the cafe, you should ideally be in the above mentioned joints

The less-important stuff

  1. Submissions happen. You can either start worrying about them a week before they’re due or 7 hrs before. As G6, you shall follow the latter, Always.
  2. You shall not get your knickers in a twist over assignments, individual or group. Its not an offence punishable by death to get an answer or two wrong
  3. You will not attempt suicide on learning that you took the wrong discount-rate in the Corp Fin end-term problem though many around you will convince you otherwise
  4. LCM is a valid major

  1. As an addendum,1. Occupancy of HQ doesn’t bestow G6 membership… the code of conduct needs to be followed to the point of crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s. 2. The G6 has to begin as a core group of 6 individuals. If your number exceeds 6, pick lots… the rest form the G6 extended family… which will eventually include girlfriends/boyfriends your core group members associate with during the year.3. LRC is a no-no, unless you want to frequent the DVD section. As a member of G6, it is your responsibility to ensure you’ve seen every movie that the LRC has except the likes of “Commanding Heights” or “breakfast series at Stanford”. Those you should just watch what they show u in class and forget the rest!4. Copying is a violation of the honor code. the G6 had just one rule in this regard… if you don’t know how it’s done – you don’t even peek next door. a couple of grades lower won’t matter… you’ll still find the job you won’t regret going to.~K

  2. this also needs to be ratified by G6 members…founders please do so…

  3. LCM?

  4. Leadership and Change Management

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