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War and Peace

In ISB, life on April 13, 2006 at 6:27 pm

I think of this as my first post as a civilian. Makes sense, considering I’d first started blogging from SV2-H12 in the ISB fortress. The similarities are uncanny; demanding and regimented schedules, the mess food in the dining hall and the casualties (well, shouldn’t really count the odd nervous-breakdown as those).
Have gotten over the ‘jet-lag’ of moving from ISB time to the regular 24-hr day and long snoozes and leisurely meals have helped make that transition. A few trips around the ol’ neighborhood, meeting friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, even enrolled in a gym. Was kinda bemused as my first workout was supervised by this trainer who wouldn’t let me lift anything heavier than a sandwich, atleast till he observed the thoroughly bored expression on my face.
Some other friends coming down from B’lore et al this weekend, so, looking forward to some catching up. From the interaction with a few batchmates, seems everyone’s struggling to cope with post-school blues. Guess its the drastic change of pace thats thrown everyone out of stride.
Guess it’ll all work itself out…soon…

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