From smack-bang in the middle of the bell curve


In ISB on April 9, 2006 at 3:43 am

  1. lookin like a million dollars!!

  2. thanks 🙂 the gown kinda adds abt $999,990

  3. Congrats Anoop…and to the famous G-6! All the best to you…I sincerely hope that we will be in touch for time to come…-Bharani.

  4. thanks and the same to you Bharani…and we’ll certainly keep in touch…seen the bonding as batchmates…now it’ll just be as alumni 🙂

  5. ISB Academic Fare: INR 13,00,000Accomodation fees: INR 1,15,000Compulsory hardware:INR 50,000The gown, the degree,that moment shared with friends: Priceless!!

  6. a mastercard fan… 🙂 but i cudn’t agree more!

  7. i agree too… and having 3 out of those four things in the list…i know the value of priceless…oh and A, i meant $999,980 was you..

  8. Naah, not a fan..neither of mastercard nor of pricetags..

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