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In ISB on April 7, 2006 at 9:49 pm

Ok…so it turned out that, owing to some blessed oversight, my laptop could still connect to the outside world after the much-hated formatting process. So, after reconciling myself with a ‘heavy’ heart to not posting from this campus, and that too when the mother of all events was happening, I find myself with a blank page staring at me and suddenly, nothing to write! or, rather, no way of knowing what to say. Should it try to capture the year in a few paragraphs (a task that I think would challenge the most prolific writers, let alone hacks like moi), or maybe about the emotions that I currently experience, or maybe about the spectacle that is the ISB graduation ceremony?

But then, as always, any thoughts on a structure are quickly swallowed by the chattering of my keyboard and soon the post is about something completely different that mostly doesnt make any sense. My folks got here today, and with rehearsals and photo-shoots on the agenda, thought they’d better spend their time having a dekko around hyderabad. Later, had a community dinner with most of G6 and extended families minus S and C. It was quite the assorted bunch with folks, one-month-old inductees into the G6 family, S – alumnus from the 2nd batch (btw, i refuse to acknowledge being called that till 6pm today). Good time all-in-all. Came back, plonked ourselves at hq(SV2-H) and recapped the harmless pranks (read, malicious toe-curling gags) that had been perpetrated through the year (in which i was never an accomplice…yeah…its my blog after all). And thats when it happened…kinda like when you finally dislodge that morsel that lodged itself in ur teeth and wouldn’t leave no matter how much you poke it with your tongue.

Been agonizing about what I’ll sorely miss about ISB. Thought I knew, but the realization has been some time coming. It was the thought of relationships fractured and never being the same again once we’d received the gate passes and left the campus for the last time as students. The despondency about friendships thrown into disarray the moment one or both parties leaves the confines of this campus is a ridiculous notion. The most fleeting moment of reflection is unequivocal in stating how the relationships that ever truly mattered are actually bullet-proof. These, will be around, to be called upon, when needed, like that ‘health pack’ that you know is certainly there behind that door, in Doom, especially when your health bar shows dangerously low. Any other kind of ‘friendship’ that lends itself to the word ‘convenience’, was just never that in the first place. So why give a rat’s ass? especially considering i can easily think of a score of the former versus the odd example of the latter.

The gist…Those that are, you don’t need to, and those that aren’t, are not worth it. So why worry.

For someone who privately thinks of himself as smart, i do sometimes take an inordinate amount of time to figure out the obvious 😉
Graduating in just over 5 hours…damn! 🙂

  1. Was here last night, and now Ive been pondering over your words all over again.The corrections, and rearrangements,the new presentation that I notice, give me hope that you have mannged to sort out at least some of your emotions.The disarray last night was slightly disturbing.One cannot stop the inevitable, but take it in their stride.No matter how difficult and uninitiating it all is..some things have just got to be done.I fathom that you have done well over the last one year.Harsh as it may sound, you went to ISB for a purpose and you have accomplished that.Whatever else comes in way of friendships and memories are really a bonus.So enjoy it.Congratulations to you.Do post a picture donning your gown.Cheers.

  2. disarray is right…like i’d mentioned in a previous post…u cant spend 1 year here and not be impacted. i disagree about the friendships..they are what make it all worth it. thanks for the wishes. keen observation by the way…maybe u can sign ur name next timecheers!

  3. Snoop .. have been a keen reader of your blog for a long time now and have enjoyed reading all the posts. Hope you continue blogging post-ISB too. Do stay in touch.Ram

  4. Friendship wasn’t what you came looking for in ISB.I doubt I’d be wrong in saying that you didn’t know what to expect.However some very extraordinary people would have touched your life.And that truly makes the experience a memorable one.Hence I said its a bonus.The gist…Those that are, you don’t need to, and those that aren’t, are not worth it. So why worry.Borders on denying justice to the wonderful people that you did in fact meeet.Just my interpretation.Rumours have it, that formalities are done with.Congratulations once again.And why exactly are you called Snoop?

  5. ram..thanks mate! that’s high praise coming from one of the master bloggers here. will certainly continue blogging and of course we’ll keep in touch…

  6. There would always be people around who touch your life in one way or the other throughout your journeyI would say..cherish those relnships and keep in tuch with them…Post one of your snaps in that great graduation dress..Congrats once again dude

  7. thanks savy…makes sense…rt now its that restlessness of having so much time to yourself after the whirlwind that was the past year.

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