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radio silence…

In ISB on April 5, 2006 at 4:39 pm

Exit formalities completed. All except one that says “Complete laptop formatting process”, hence the post. All very ‘streamlined’. Funny, how streamlined doesn’t necessarily make it any easier. You can call it an electonic silence, with very few emails with the subject line that people love to hate <SPAM>! Maybe its a good thing for the mail servers to get a breather before the next batch of spammers gets into the act 🙂
Of course that doesn’t mean there is a dearth of activity about the place, everywhere you look, sombre brown cardboard boxes piled high with varying destinations stencilled on them and their owners milling about, doing their bit to make sure that their luggage remains in the same hemisphere as they do. Think I’m being paranoid? My quadie had his 3 boxes carried off rather professionally only to find at the sorting area that the letters ‘BLR'(bangalore) had been smartly printed on them. The fact that he’s from MBI(mumbai) meant that this was a l’il disturbing.
Got the graduation gown today, the folks handing it out were particular about you trying it out to make sure it fit. I did, and it felt like sticking ur head through a bedspread with a holepoked in it…what was the big deal about the fit? and i wonder if it was designed with the intent of discouraging people from wanting to get too many degrees…
Took a walk around campus, alleged photo-shoot. Was more a “spray-and-pray” operation, lots of pics of everything around, doubt if any would be worth the battery power needed to download them to pc. Nevertheless, one of the first signs anyone entering ISB would see…(apart from the “peacock crossing”)
Approaching radio-silence…in 10…9…8…7…u know the rest…
  1. Its Amazing how just an year ago you were trying to come to terms with your bank account not getting replenished every month and now you are already talking about donnig the gown!Congratulations!Time Flies…-Usha

  2. …And finally the D Day ..wishing you all the best for that great day..something realy good is in store for you !God BlessSigning OffSavy

  3. thanks Usha..that bank account cud use with a booster dose rt abt now ;)Savy, thanks for the sweet thought

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