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’06 PM Stage @#teen

In ISB on April 2, 2006 at 3:48 pm

The party that almost wasn’t…owing to the date and an email proclaiming that the supposed ‘masks’ theme party was nothing but a prank. 3 emails and eye-witness accounts later, people were convinced and it got under way…with a difference this time. Venues for all parties have traditionally been one of the mirror pools, SV1 rock garden or the Rec Centre. This time around, the dance-floor was setup on the floor adjoining level 1 of the Acad Centre. This meant the bar was setup on the ring road (no booze allowed in the school main structure…an edict that was conveniently forgotten an hour later). The DJ from TDS was alright...but there seemed to be a reluctance for ppl to hit the floor…after a few trance and hiphop numbers…he pulled out what must in every DJ’s survival kit…loud bhangra! and sure enough! before the first # was done…u cud see hordes of one-legged folks with arms raised…as in a stop-motion fight sequence from the Matrix. Wasn’t really plannin’ on dancing…but then with a partner like N…cudn’t help but ask 🙂 not withstanding the jealous stares (wink wink)…also with an inebriated P for entertainment…had a good time.

  1. Are you an absolute dahrling or what..glad you danced.

  2. yeah…i am. in facts my name’s under that word in the dictionary

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