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In ISB on March 31, 2006 at 4:03 pm

With the amount of interest in the ISB, lots of prospective B-school grads around the world look for this information with the simple task of typing in ISB or ISB Blogs into the multi-colored know-it-all(google of course!) And am sure theyve been well-rewarded with information through the various excellent weblogs that my batchmates update almost religiously. And there are blogs like this one that really should only be read when one is the mood for a complete lack of structure/content/insight.

However, as graduation day draws closer, am wondering whether the aforementioned prospectives arent wondering if theres something wrong with google as it seems to point them to all these sites that seem to be very Oscar award like. People waxing eloquent about how all thats been gained here is coz of these people in their lives. This is in no way a slur on those meaningful and heartfelt expressions of gratitude. Its indeed nice to see that almost everyones evaluated this experience, not on the basis of details printed on their offer letters but on the friendships formed, testimony to the fine group of individuals thats called this place home for a year

The list of my ambassadors of kwancoming soon

  1. Where is the list?

  2. who’s asking? somehow not been able to get around to it..guess it’s its own form of denial

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