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In ISB on March 30, 2006 at 3:52 pm

Term Break…day 1…oh wait…can’t do that this time. Since am done with classes and exams and the one submission due Saturday, this really is like any other break. Except that, instead of the usual rush to catch up on sleep/movies/alcohol/food/loud music, this time around it’s about Movers & Packers/Back ups/EXIT PROCEDURES (in caps coz that’s how there were in the friendly l’il email).
After having hit the ‘Postpone’ button on the Outlook reminder that’s been popping up from that email I mentioned, I finally had a look at the contents today. Turns out it’s a list of ‘to-dos’ before we can be allowed off campus. Stuff about getting our laptops formatted, books/dvds returned, apartment inventories checked. Each activity, with a deadline attached, a form to be signed and an ‘exit-pass’ to be issued once everything’s been checked and found to be in order. Makes sense, doesn’t it. I mean its highly possible that there might be a large number in the batch of ’06 who might’ve quit their jobs, moved from different corners of the world, basically, put their lives on hold for a year for the sole purpose of infiltrating this place with the intent to swipe a couple of books and maybe (gasp! )even a fork or two! I even suspect there’s increased security personnel around lest the more enterprising (read hardened criminal minds) might just think of digging a tunnel or constructing some kind of flying machine with the tools at our disposal! The wardens at Alcatraz would be well-served to study the processes here to make sure that they don’t release mass-murderers into the general peace-loving populace. Good job indeed!
In other news, there’s this ‘Wembley’esque structure being erected on the lawns (on the side of the exit to SV3)…the venue for all the hoopla (read graduation ceremony). This too had been the subject of controversy when we were told we could get 2 passes and any additional guests would have to be paid for. Not so much that, as much as one of the inconsequential ‘admins’ sending out an email about how free-loaders are waiting to come in and have a free meal at the school’s expense. Don’t get me wrong, am as excited about it as anyone…black gown…formal shindig. Quite a departure from my Bachelor’s graduation where the degrees were handed out from a counter at the University office in a “come-if you-care-enough or whatever” fashion.
So its finally happening…can imagine about 420 odd folks from the incoming batch starting to pack their bags and get nervous about what’s in store…all that eagerness to find out what they should do and read and wear etc etc. for them, all I’ll say is that prepping for their time here is like tying to prepare for a tornado that’s headed ur way…in their case…they’re actually going looking for it. But then, there’s something about the thrill of anticipation don’t you think… 🙂
  1. I guess u’ve found “that light” to an extent (something which you had witten in one of your blogs …breaks ..something like that)Anyway all the best dude…more cricket , more work and more life is waiting for you chill out

  2. thanks for the wishes…especially the one abt cricket :)the light’s moving target it turns out

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