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your mother warned you there’d be days like these…

In ISB on March 29, 2006 at 6:55 am

To say that I’m gonna miss scrambling to make it in time for the 8.30am or miss the momentous struggle to stay awake in the 2.30pm would be just reaching for reasons to feel bad. What will be missed though are the 2 teaspoonfuls of bitter overpriced coffee that the vending machines dispense, hurriedly procured during the 5 min break. The sms surreptitiously (well kinda) exchanged, the numerous gtalk windows (some connected to the person sitting right next to you). Not to mention the ‘stimulating’ discussions held in numerous classes (read as those with a Class Participation component of > 10%). Yup…as could be guessed from depressingly similar posts 😉 on other blogs…my last class ended about an hour ago. Marketing Strategy…was a low-key affair…but fun albeit…dynamic churn models (yeah, listened enough to pick that up).
Ok, just in case you’re almost about to hurl coz of all the nostalgia spewing from this page…some choice comments I’ve heard profs make…

“Folks…You’re all here to polish your diamonds” – the managing IT prof makes a decidedly sexist statement
“ISB is not a swimming pool…if you all go in…everyone won’t come out wet..” same prof…reveals his new dunk-proof compound
“So you’re saying that his only achievement was to be a member of the lucky sperm club” Strategy Implementation prof’s tirade against all methods of contraception
“Zara is basically Dell on steroids” the Business Performance Measurement prof calls for testing of corporates
“That’s nothing but a Mickey Mouse example” Customer Focussed Product Development prof’s response to a Disney fan’s pearls of wisdom
  1. thats it?!…

  2. Well as they say, now you are (un)officially an MBA.YEAYS!!!

  3. …but still feeling good

  4. anon: u were expecting…?EU: thanks!savy: thanks! first time on this blog?

  5. yes …first time around

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