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as you’ll find in my HBR article…

In ISB on March 27, 2006 at 9:05 pm

It’s been that kinda dayone of thosewhere you think theres a conspiracy on to exasperate you. I wonder though if there might be a correlation (however weak) between having a bad dayand the following:

Þ Staying up till 5.30am with an 8.30am class to go to
Þ Consuming copious amounts of alcohol in the process

Hmmm…I just might be onto something heremaybe should consider publishing an article in HBR about that.

So, heres the synopsis

Take 1: woke up to the shrill jangling of the phoneKs wakeup call8amjust time enough to make it to class. Sat through 2 hrs of the most unapologetic kind of self-promotion you cud hope to see. Someone actually counted the number of times he talked about his articles in HBR (hence the brainwave above). 16 at the break. In an attempt to further my learning…downloaded and installed the NFS underground Rivals demo. But the game wont runand whats worsemy machine then slowed to a crawl. Snapped laptop shut with a snarlluckily class ended 5 mins later.

Take 2: second class…I cudnt possibly afford to break my streak of paying absolutely no attention to what was said in class for this subject. Think even the prof ran out of stuff to sayended class 20 mins before time. seemed more like wed gone over by more than 10 times that. Laptop still behaving weirdstarting to get worried…

Take 3: The heavenly feeling of dehydration makes itself felt nowmake a pretense of lunchhomecheck my email? Machine still giving troublechuck ittake a nap. Had promised to help G and A with this enterprise of theirsbut apparently was dead to the world…didn’t wake up to 8 missed calls…

Take 4: time: 6pm. Woke up…I swear the room was moving in slow revolutions (the jury might not buy that). Finally steady the roomlaptop still spluttering (later found it was a virus)looked outside windowbeautiful sunsetnote to self: not gonna be many more of those here. Grab my Powershot and go outside. Think the SV3 K-Block wud be an ideal vantage pointfire off some shots outside my quad, then sprint towards SV3. Turns out hangovers and sprinting dont mix (imp finding for my article). Reach SV3 heaving like I’d just run a marathonget into positionguess whatsun goes behind a bank of clouds low on the horizon@#$%&^!

Take That! Hours laterfixed the laptopattended section partydid not so much as glance at the crates of beertook a shower…relaaaxing…things looking up. its hot in herelook for AC remotepress Poweryou guessed itaint workingmother#@$%!&!

  1. hi…saw a comment by u on a certain pink page..still wondering what i felt..

  2. guess thatz a part of the plan!… you know to get you ready for the duniya outside of ISB.In some parts of this duniya, power-cuts at 11.00 in the night leave ppl with no other option but to use the office dorm- not just because of the cool-air factor, but also because electricity is our best bet against the stupid blood-sucking mosquitoes! Imagine rushing to the office in pajamas at midnight!! so save those mother$%^&#@ swears for the not-so-far rainy days!-GS

  3. GS mere bhai…i know u mean well, but u come back with more ‘reality bites’ for me, we’ll have to think of a different name for u ;)anon: ?! wanna elaborate?

  4. are you referring to the “PINK” ogre as the other- reality bite-?he he heh eh eh..-GS

  5. virus is it? macs never get viruses y’know of the many superior “quirks” they have..and i am not aviator fuel, to whom it may concern. 😉

  6. the only way that your computer can be infected by this trojan is if you opent latestpics.tgz file and decompress it, then double click on the filenow all snobbery aside,….i think us mac-users are beyond that…

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