From smack-bang in the middle of the bell curve


In ISB on March 24, 2006 at 10:10 pm

Didn’t even hit me till much later. That was because unlike other terms, this time my end-term was scheduled on the same day as two lectures. But, as has happened too many times this term, my alarm sold me out and I woke up 10 mins into the 8.30am lecture, which is finebutwas still in my bed. Too bad ISB has a dress-code (meaning u have to be wearing one)…else cud’ve just dashed to class 🙂 Attended the other section to compensate for it, the TA even knew my name and had marked me present, surprise surprise! After that, had the Negotiation End-termslick affair2 partsone based on the cases done in class and the other was supposedly a real-life casethe set of handouts helped. Later saw the email about the cancelled Marketing Strategy endterm. Means I just gave my last exam in this placetrivial to all reading thisbutstill has some significance9th april is not going to be easy

Watched a couple of the cricket games between sections (other than mine of course)not something I care for too muchto sit around tearing my hair out wondering as to why the bowler keeps pitching it up to a batsman who so obviously can only play off the front-foot. Resorted to heckling some of the players(enjoyed it!)sheesh

Went out laterwas a planned thing unlike most of our other spur-of-the-moment affairs. BottlesNChimney...loud musicusually decent mix of rock and hip-hop..but tonighttoo much latino salsa crap I thoughtbut the food was nice..or so I hear J We left at closing time, after having severely depleted their stock of alcohol. Didn’t know itd be possible for six ppl to run up a tab in five figures!

Of course, its never incomplete without an appearance at Ohris, the one place, legally open till 2am. Ppl tucked into the midnight buffetme – had too many daiquiris/tequilas/bangers etc etc sloshing around in meso had a sandwich. Then a formula-one dash to campus. But it was never a fair fightwe made it with time to spareluckily unscathed J

The countdown on Bs blog says there are 13 days, 20 odd hours to go for graduationhow come I’m not looking forward to itwonder if others share that sentiment

  1. “we made it with time to spare…” my ass! Gave the honda city a run for its money in my loyal ’96 Maruti 800. We were right behind you when u pulled into the lot on campus, Don’t forget your butt was kicked when we surged ahead of you guys both in J-Hills and Whisper Valley!I’m disappointed that thats all a Honda City can do for speed!!! I’m keeping my ’96 800.

  2. hahhhaaa…i knew that had to elicit a comment from the Spam King! 🙂

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