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1 ball – 4 runs…

In ISB on March 22, 2006 at 11:37 pm

“Well begun is half done”…heard that somewhere, haven’t we all. Bollocks! It doesn’t matter how well you begin, or continue or whatever, if you don’t finish it. Substantial amounts of frustration coursing through my veins…inter-section cricket tournament as part of the end-of-course festivities here. It’s all in good spirits…couple of teams from each section to an initial round of elimination before proceeding to more elaborate round-robin games. Our team D1 lost their game yesterday and we, as D2 were looking to make amends. Won the toss, put the opposition in, made sense since all totals had seemed gettable in the previous games. Bowled an expensive 1st over mainly because of a misunderstanding about the no-ball rule and took 1 wicket. The usual throwing the bat stuff got them to 83 in 8 overs. Our last over was the most expensive of the lot, but then that’s bound to happen.

We started off at a decent clip but then lost a few wickets in succession. K and I had to make sure we didn’t lose our wickets and we did a decent job. 3 overs – 37 to get turned to 1 over – 13 to get. I faced the last 5 balls after a single off the first. Could’ve scored ‘em, Should’ve scored ‘em! But R maintained a good length that didn’t allow the lofted shot straight back. All my shots went skewing into the side walls to fetch 2 runs. 1 ball to 4 to get…short-of-length…my heave went to the top corner to the right…2 runs only. We lose by 1 run. On hindsight, maybe should’ve charged, might’ve just gotten to the pitch…who knows?! Its irritating more than anything that a stolen single somewhere or one less extra and we would’ve played some more cricket (I know I know… I can never seem to get enough can I).

To be able to finish games…now that’s certainly some skill…

p.s: the inordinate amount of frustration over an innocuous game is in no minor part exacerbated by the fact that I have a Corp Fin. assignment due in 2 hours…grrrr….

  1. yeah of course, you should’ve charged and gotten that extra pitch…..:Danyways, came here to tell you that i’m not coming to your blog again unless u fix that stupid video eating the text. -Superior Mac owner1280 X 854, millions,Mozilla

  2. charged and gotten that extra 2 runs was what i meant..

  3. hope ur quirky mac can handle this site now…hows that for responsiveness? btw…just found proof of u being more yank than desi…a pitch in cricket is when the ball hits the turf and not the act of throwing the ball as in baseball (yuck!).

  4. awesome response! B-school has taught you something….;)>btw…just found proof of u being more yank than desi…a pitch in cricket is when the ball hits the turf and not the act of throwing the ball as in baseball (yuck!).i don’t know if i should admit that niether cricket nor baseball mean _Anything_ to me..that might be too much for you to handle, but..

  5. bwaahhahaahha….oye…i feel like giving N a high five! 😉 btw…r u aviator fuel too?…just curious!- me

  6. n/me…i understand u prob’ly enjoy epic rivalries between ur respective colleges and the neighboring hamlet, in beer-swigging and the like…but these happen to be actual sports 🙂

  7. i know that sweetie…but the xpression on ur face when someone equates “whatever” to “cricket” is priceless! 🙂 -me

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