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In ISB on March 20, 2006 at 10:00 pm

Been at it since soon after dinnerthat was approx. 41/2 hours agomy usual sequence in such a span of time wouldve consisted of about 3-4 breaks to rest my eyesby watching TV (pre net-nanny days, it used to be assorted sites). Instead of those, there has been no break save for the occasional 30 sec kind to stretch my stiff back. But then this ain’t too bad a way to be working…AC6…comfortably climate-cooled…music from the classroom’s substantial sound-system – all of us toiling away…rt now there are some murmurs of going to ohri’s for satiate midnight hunger pangs. If I’d applied this kinda effort to those subjects in the core terms, I’d be closer to that list that the Dean brandishes than the one that Black carries (ok…I know that’s pathetic but its 2.46amso sue me) No, this is not some kinda Johnny-come-lately transformation that my parents had been praying for since the day I attended my first day at school and slept through it blissfully. The best part of last night and early morning have been spent proof-reading, correcting and classifying our venerable batch-mates. 343 profiles 6-7 people to tackle them at any one time and you get the idea.

Ok, some elaboration might be in order. The theme of this years yearbook is Spirits’…nothing to do with oriental mystique and search for the inner-soul and self-actualization. This falls much nearer to the base of Maslows Needs pyramid – The need for inebriation. Basically, if we were to think of people as cocktails, as a combination of different characteristics with a particular method to brew em, what would it be? The teams come up with a set of 12 drinks (read as profiles with really cool names) which will be attributed to people depending on the descriptions we find. Were relying on close friends (read quadies, study-group mates et al) to be able to concoct a recipe. Little did we know that getting people to pen down their thoughts about their closest friends would make pulling your own teeth with a set of rusted pliers while at the same time being administered an enema, seem like a walk in the park! After much cajoling and not-so-subtle threatening, we now have the bulk of the material for the batch (barring a few). The current flurry of activity is to get the stuff collated, organized and sent to the production ppl/printers so they have enough time to finish the job before we are evicted from campus. Else of course, like it said in one of Ks messages, we could all collect them at Solstice (the annual alumni meet) in September J

  1. – Its improving..i mean the way you write……

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