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In Uncategorized on March 18, 2006 at 8:07 pm

Have turned into a lazy good-for-naught layabout these dayseven more than usual. I mean, 11am classes should be easy enough to attend, but apparently not anymore for me. And it wasnt about waking up too late…I actually changed my mind about going to class midway through the act of getting dressed. Plonked myself instead in front of the tube, my excusethe first session of the third test which I very well know is not reason enough. Lets have a look at my In-Tray’…there are profiles to complete for the yearbook, writeups to proofread (also for the yearbook) in total 347 by our team that’s due yesterday, a photo-shoot around campus, several rounds of alcohol to be consumed, not to mention end-terms, assignments etc etcbut the rate at which I’m going, itll be a miracle if any of it gets done.

After resembling a piece of furniture for most of the day, I finally moved my bulk to go play some cricket on the football field with tennis balls (note the mention of 3 sports in 1 line). Was fun, when is it not? To actually run around a lil bitand to bowlthough im pretty sure my 2nd over lost us the match (3 wides, 2 sixes) J but then yeh sab to hota rehta hai. Point is, the whole deal about being on the field lifts your spirits. Whats not so great for my spirits is the feeling of emptiness arising out of having had nothingwellsince lunch

Two weeks to gothat realization is a whole different ball-gamein fact am starting to think that maybe denial is the reason that I havent devoted a post on my thoughts on the imminent eviction from this place. Maybe latersomehow get the feeling I wont be in the sunniest mood after having penned that one. But of one thing theres no doubt in my mindwill miss this place. Period.


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