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In ISB on March 17, 2006 at 4:14 pm

Another week winds downalways been aware of how time flies herebut this term feels different for obvious reasons. Most subjects are lil more than placeholders and most ppl are essentially going through the motions, but Negotiation Analysis has been a refreshing change. While its true that negotiation is more of an innate skill, but its certainly handy to have some techniques to draw upon. Best thing about the class is the hands-on negotiation involving caselets with certain general information and certain confidential role information. The best session so far was the 3-on-3 (and I do mean negotiation). We got a respectable slice of the pie and had a cool Good cop-Bad Cop routine going that I think helped us get more out of it. Even if it didnt, it was darn good fun. The next session has a negotiation with some of the grade dependent on the outcomewont that be fun! The other subjects are the usual ho-hum variety (read as interesting had it not been for this being the final term)

All this banter about the term only was to mask my griefthe kind of thing that really shouldnt happen to ones worst enemies. It happened at about 2pm this afternoon, immediately after I got back from class and then lunch. Its 9.20pm now and am only just coming out shock. Its too painful to think aboutso will leave now for dinnerand hopefully tomorrow will be a better day

p.s (much later): the above incident refers to a silver disc that i had borrowed from the library with glee. inserting into the cd drive of my machine,i waited for the credits to come up with the title of this most exciting thriller. 45 seconds later i still saw only my desktop…removing and resinserting the disc did not help…checking the drive with other similar discs showed the problem was with that particular disc. devastated by this discovery, i finally had to put the disc (that promised so much) back into its receptacle and returned it to its keepers. The bold lettering on the cover…sniff…cough cough…Basic Instinct…


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