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colors pouring…

In ISB on March 15, 2006 at 5:56 pm

Here’s the classic Hitchcock scene…The shower’s running at full blast…the steam fogging up the mirror tells you its hot!…camera pans to the spotless white floor tiles…and you see a scarlet trail making its way to the drain. In a few seconds the thin trail has turned into a gushing river of red. Add a suitable background score and you’ve got a winner! Ok, this is not a dissection of the Psycho murder scene (coz thats no way to treat a pretty lady ) but how things would’ve looked to a camera had there been one in my bathroom today (appreciate the whistles and catcalls). Yup, it was HOLI today and we celebrated it in classic style (the title makes more sense in hindi…the best holi song in a hindi movie…ever!)…in the SV3 mirror pool accompanied by tons of colors and people going in, mostly feet-first…some the other way round. Had a good time ending up looking a rather unhealthy pink, traces of which can still be found on my face and other assorted body parts. Now to make an attempt at ‘acing’ the ISPM midterm that’s tomorrow….and there’s that writeup due for NEGA…darn!

  1. You look like a PINK Ogre..:)ROFL!-GS

  2. thanks GS…i’ll take that as a compliment 🙂

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