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In ISB on March 12, 2006 at 7:18 pm

Youre making me angryyou wont like me when I’m angry…” Ok…don’t cower in the corner…thats a line from The Hulk that’s currently on. Cool comic-strip flick. But I’m not quite sure about the underlying themeit seems to sayUncontrollable rage is a good thing coz it lets you kick butt. Kinda counter-intuitive if you ask me, rage only makes you more vulnerable. No such problems with the theme of the friendly neighbourhood Peter Parkerand yes Kit Walker(10 points if you guess that one) J Also, its still unresolved as to how his trousers expand to accommodate the 10 foot frame while the rest of his attire is shredded by his bulging muscles. Spidey doesnt have that problem eithersleek aerodynamic outfit to match the powers 😉

Saw the most remarkable game today872 runs in 100 overs! The first half was business-as-usualto watch the Aussies come out and bat at their best in yet another crunch game. Ponting in the same murderous form that enabled him to maul the Indian bowling attack in the World Cup Finals. Add some cameos and they ended with434four hundred and thirty four runs! There are several reasons why the game shouldve been pretty much over at this stagemy top three1. chasing any kind of total (let alone this monstrosity) in big games is tough 2. the morale of your batsmen couldnt be lower than it is after that kind of abuse in the field 3. this is the aussies youre talking about. Started watching the second half out of morbid curiosityAnd guess whatSA did itthey successfully chased 434 to make 438 in 49.5 overs! Moral of the storybesides all the stuff about how its about playing as a team blah blahthe real deal is pitches are getting truer (read as rock hard surfaces with good carry and minimal lateral deviation) and bats are getting better to the extent that mishits and edges carry long distances. No denying that it took fantastic temperament on the part of the SA batsmen.

Lastly, saw the movie Iqbal (2 moviesyup) and while the story is meant to touch a cord with every Indianfor me it was the scene where he walks onto to play his first Ranji game. Crouches beside the pitch, presses the palm of his hand to the surfacesmells that palmsmiles. iski baat hi kuch aur hai…” says his mentor. Truehow very true J

  1. Peter Parker =Spider manKit Walker =PhantomMentor =Naseeruddin Shah, since I am on a roll.I do think expression of rage is a good thing,not sure about uncontrollable.Its better to get things out of one’s system rather than let it build up.Cleared up lungs are always better for the system methinks.

  2. How do you manage to get smilies in your text.

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