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In ISB on March 9, 2006 at 4:39 pm

Anchor(noun) : mechanical device that prevents a vessel from moving.

Heavycumbersomeinanimate. As you mightve guessed, have traditionally associated a certain amount of negativity to the concept. But then there are substantial reasons for it. All that I’ve been able to experience and learnabout myselfand pretty much everything else, has been in huge part due to that reluctance to stay boundbe it to a place or person(s). not that I’m this well-travelled know-it-all, nor am I some kind of ascetic with little interest in human relationshipsmost certainly not. I treasure the friends I’ve made and would go out on a limb to suggest that theyd attest that I’ve been and will always be fiercely loyal. Its more a turning of the wheelthe way things have panned outthere havent been too many constants’…which is neither a complaint nor an exultation. You might have figured that a shift in attitude wouldve to be the cause for this postand you would be only about 10% right. Only that much becausewelllemme paint the picture. Youre on youre morning jogproud of the fact youve dragged yourself out of bedpulled on your tracks. Fresh, crisp morning airslight chill which helps. Now into your 3rd milefeeling the burn in your legsbut also pretty goodknowing you’re pushing yourself slowly but surely. Out of nowherethis figure emerges…right in front of youclad in blackno way for you to know whoas if appearing out of thin airdraws back a fist and slams it into your midriff. Rememberyou were taking in huge gulps of air to aid those tortured muscles in your legs. Yeahthat captures it. Youre on the grassy trackeverythings going black as your lungs scream for oxygenit doesnt matter whypoint istheres noone around.

Anchor(noun): A central cohesive source of support and stability.

Wheres my anchor?

  1. oye…look two steps behind u..silence doesnt mean absence…

  2. My compliments to the author.Your posts have turned from interesting to extremely entertaining to thought provoking.Like the first comment points out, just because we cannot see our anchor,doesn’t mean we don’t have our support system.That is what I understand, by what you mean by an anchor.Just like you think you can be fiercely loyal to your friends, there must be several people who would reciprocate that sentiment.Only to cement your anchor further.Not being around physically doesn’t necessarily have to mean lack of support.Its only a matter of recognising them,may be even naming them.But they exist.

  3. You’re on you’re?(your) morning jog..I wont say anything mean..I am sure there will be others to point it out to you..But just while I can..I thought I should..:p

  4. who is it!CTS? ISB? or is it the US Security?or did they take away the ‘leonine’ canine around you…or is it the effect of hermoine’s spells– you do realize that ‘petrificus totalus’ is not real! right?what ever it is, may be its time to put them in the freezer( yep another pick from Friends)Dude, just let the mist around you settle, you will be shocked by the crowd around you..:)Also, I hope you answered that punch with one of your own…-Good Samaritan

  5. oye anon…two steps behind…so you’re the stalker i’ve been worrying abt 😉 anywayz…is that a guarantee? and ‘thanks’ for the grammar lesson as well :pEU: i personally dont think these posts are nething but blabber..but thanks. and maybe the constant change kinda blurs the view sometimesGS: if you have the final season, can i borrow it for a few? and as for the counting on others to beat up on that chap on my behalf this time 😉

  6. Sure..if you know where to find me…And am as sure as Confucius was about the earth-n-sun funda, about the shock that the disappearance of the mist would leave behind…-GS

  7. *Clearing throat* might want to direct your gratitude to another direction.To those,that aren’t aware that your first name has changed from ‘A’ to ‘oye’..:P

  8. Well what can I say, keep your blabber coming.It would be erroneous to say, I so identify with this post, cause I don’t know what prompted you to write it.But it sure has struck a cord.Well at least you found one constant:”the change”

  9. well anon…one simple way to prevent that kinda misunderstanding wud be to leave u’r name at the bottom of u’r coment wudn’t it…

  10. I don’t mind the misunderstanding, as long as you can explain what ‘coment’ means…:p

  11. ok..coment means a com’m’ent without an author 🙂

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