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term 8, fat ladies…

In ISB on February 28, 2006 at 7:59 pm

…and 4 new subjects, this time to form an assorted mix from each ‘value discipline’ (blame the HBR article I just read for tomorrow’s class). Marketing Strategy – familiar name, hopefully a recap of the other 7 electives I’d taken on marketing J Negotiation Analysis – had heard rave reviews about the course when it had been offered in term 6, the first class lived up to it. IT Services & Proj Mgmt – not the yawn-fest that the name might suggest and last but definitely not least Advanced Corporate Finance…yes…after backing out at the last minute in T7 with Business Valuation, bit the bullet this time and signed up for my first (and only) Fin elective…all I-bankers better watch out 😉

There’s a buzz around campus…apart from the usual caffeine/tobacco/assorted weed-laden kind that is. Probably coz the ‘ruler of the free world’ is likely to make an appearance at the ISB. Was surprised (only midly), as i was quietly reading in the library (yeah, i do that sometimes), to see a german-shepherd the size of a …well…huge, sniffing around my table.had me wondering…has it been that long since i came here to read?! not that it fazed me…thanks to my inherent fearless and animal-friendly nature…yeah…and to the harness firmly held by a burly cop. If you’re still wondering who…here’s a clue…the security detail on campus, dressed in all-black suits looks sharper than any of us did during placement week. I’ve always wondered about those white coiled earpieces that emanate from one ear and disappear down their collars…just what orifice are they plugged into?! I better ‘freeze! And desist’ before I’m ‘taken out’ as a precaution for having spiked their ‘threat assessment sensors’. Jokes apart…the whole dubya ‘visit’ thing…very exciting …YAAAWN…
Finally…a mention of the poignancy of this as the last of the 8 terms at the ISB…clichés shall abound…have already seen sneak-peeks of wistful posts on blogs of note. Me, am not tearing up just yet…but its only a matter of time…you can’t spend a year in this place and not be impacted by it…like it or not. ladies and gentlemen…the fat lady has made her appearance…and she has just cleared her throat…but the batch of ’06 is not quite done…not just yet…

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