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when you can’t even sleep in ur dreams

In ISB on February 25, 2006 at 5:39 pm

Its like youre in a high-powered sports convertible. Its careering at high speed. For some reason, the steering wheel is locked in position and the gas pedal has been pressed to the floor. Nothing you can do about either. And yesin the distance, you see the edge of this ravinefast approaching. Its simple…I’m supposed to jump outbut am frozenin fear. Now that’s just one of the feelings I’ve had in the last week or sofor obvious reasonsits placement season. Times of uncertaintysecond-guessing myselfhigh stress. Realized its mainly coz of the myriad parallel trains of thoughts in my head…what do I want to do? Whatll make me happywish I had a clue...did I get that nickname right or what!

First, an update on G6 (I’d tell u what that meansbut then I’d have to kill you) and its extended family. SachinInfyES; KoshieWiproIT Strategy Consulting; Vishal & ClintCitiIT & Ops; ShammakKPMGSenior Consultant; Soups…Apollo/GodrejMarketing; JyotiTavantyoull read abt that one in the papers 😉

A recap of placement weekfrom the perspective without a clue. Started with infyinterviewed twicesecond time at 1amliked the ideabut didn’t get offered the role I’d be interested in. next in linehad 3 interviews lined up for Virtusa, ibm and cognizant. Had a good time in all of thosethe panels liked what they heard offers from all of them. Enjoyed the ibm interview the mostwhy? The first question I got was if I said that Steve Waugh is a better bat than Sachin, what would you say? Make a consultants argument J Weighed the rolespassed up a higher pay with V for some brand equity and role. Picked CTS; Assistant Manager Business Development.

Agonized endlessly over the veracity of my decisioninterviewed with a couple of othersrealized the pay didnt matter to me if the role wasnt up to scratch. the process has been mindnumbinghave regained some of my balance thoughmade the right decisionthis is just the beginning and theres plenty to doif I were meI’d back me 😉

  1. Had read this somewhere…”Only as high as I reach can I grow,Only as far as I seek can I go,Only as deep as I look can I see,Only as much as I dream can I be”yunhi.. shared re!Keep up the spirits high!Wish you good luck…

  2. realized the pay didn’t matter to me if the role wasn’t up to scratch.Now we are talking.From my humble(/inexperienced) perspective you couldn’t be more clued in.

  3. oye…this post helped me heaps..thanks..:) (for the gazillionth time this month???)…and by the way… u were right..- me

  4. anshu…thanks for the reminder :)educated: guess thats why common sense ain’t so commonme: will send u an acct no. for u to wire royalty fees to 😉 and what was i right abt?

  5. tch tch…wire royalty…”there are some things money cant buy… ” and as u wud know i still dont have my credit card! ;)- me

  6. congrats!

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