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safe or sorry

In ISB on February 16, 2006 at 6:49 pm

Wonder how many times this question raises itself in peoples lives. You know the safealmost too well actuallyits familiarits comfortablelike your favorite pair of jeans. That otheris none of those things. Its not very familiarnot quite comfortable. But at the same time you know something elseeven if you dont want to admit it to yourself. Its excitingunpredictableit’s a lot more than anything you thought youd ever encounter.

I reckon were all creatures of habitnot very keen on surprisesat least not unless we expect them. expected surprisean oxymoron if there ever was one. Not to brand our lot as wimpswe plunge from great heights at unbelievable speedstwisting and turninghurtling towards the ground only to seer away towards the sky while at the same flipping head-over-heels in a 360. if that’s not death-defying what is? But then think about itwould we still be in that seat had there not been a reinforced steel bar across our shouldersdouble-strength nylon strapsand a proven safety statistic that says youre more likely to hurt yourself sitting in a chair than in a rollercoaster? Fun?sure but

Sothe unknown is fineas long we know exactly what we dont know...

So its settledsafe is betterdefinitely. Now only if that other wouldnt set your pulse racingwouldnt get you to smile without even realizing itwouldnt make you feel as alive as the safe could only hope to in a lifetime

SafeorSorry? I do wonder how many ppl are thinking it right this momentare you?

  1. u ok? in.. what triggered this?

  2. hey dude..whats the scene with interviews… Any bright news?just remem, all happens for the best!-GS

  3. Yeah mate, do let us know what is happening.The suspense is killing.

  4. yeah. makes sense. safe is boring though.

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